What to Do When Outlook Displays Error Messages While Sending Emails?

Outlook is an excellent piece of software that manages all your business emails in a more efficient manner. Full of powerful tools and features, it has become the most used Microsoft office applications nowadays. It allows you to receive emails, schedule appointments, manage contact information, and so on. However, this isn’t the case that always happens, there are times when you face various errors while usages of this application. This also includes the errors while sending an email from Outlook.

Outlook Technical Support perceives that this problem probably lies either in your internet connection or software configuration. However, the simplest possible causes for this issue also can’t be overlooked. Let’s have a look at the tips given by the experts that will help you easily fix this issue.

Configure Your Outlook Account

  • You need to configure your account first. If you haven’t configured it yet, Outlook displays error messages stating that there are no data to send or receive.
  • In this case, open the account setting window by clicking on “File” tab and then choosing “Account setting”. Select “New” from the email tab and enter the required information to set up the account.
  • Outlook automatically logs on the server and sends an email to ensure that everything is working fine. Once you configure your account, “Send” button will be available in the send/receive tab.

Verify Your Account Setting and Credentials

  • Access your Microsoft account setting to ensure that everything is furnished correctly. Hit the “File” tab followed by “Email” option to view the list of accounts you have added. Hit the “Account repair” option if you want Outlook to automatically repair the files.
  • Alternatively, click the “Change” and then review the mail server setting, including your password and username to check all the account information from which you are trying to send the messages.

Internet Connection  

  • As we all know that Outlook requires an active internet connection to send or receive emails, so it will be prudent to check the internet connection first. Open your browser and access any websites to ensure that the internet connection is active.
  • If the connection is active, it might be possible that Outlook is set to offline mode. To set it at online mode, hit the “Send/Receive” tab followed by the “Work Offline” button. Doing so, the status will be displayed as “Connected”.

Additional Troubleshooting

  • There could be some other general issues. If you are receiving “Operational time out” message while waiting for the receiving server, then it could be possible that your email attachment is too large. In this case, try sending emails without an attachment. If the messages are sent, then the problem is hidden in your attachment.
  • The antivirus application installed on your system or firewall can be the cause for the delayed messages. This also results in timeout errors. Turn off your antivirus application and check if the problem is fixed.
  • Also, if you use Outlook to manage your various mail accounts, open them from the web browser and send emails directly from your account. If you are unable to do so, the problem lies in your mail account, not Outlook.

Contact Experts If The Issue Still Persist

Although the experts have tried to cover all the possible solutions for this particular problem, there is a chance that the causes for this flaw are beyond these described steps. In this case, contacting the experts will be the best idea. Don’t be hesitant in giving them a call at Outlook Email Contact Number USA +1-888-404-2434. The experts are forever dedicated to helping you with excellent support services.

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