What to Do When MagicJack Doesn’t Work on Mac with Firewall?

MagicJack is a VOIP based digital phone service product that plugs into the USB port of any computer and allows making local and long distance calls across the USA and Canada or to other same gadgets anyplace around the world. The device is extremely easy to use. Nonetheless, the several issues are reported in MagicJack connection with personal computer including Mac. Although, basic troubleshooting such as restarting the device, resetting the connection also works sometimes, you need to take the complex measure to fix inoperable MagicJack on Mac with firewall in case that doesn’t fix the issue. As the process would be a little complex, MagicJack Customer Support USA is going to get you through this issue with comprehensive stepwise solution.

The firewall installed on your system could one of the reasons for MagicJack connection error with your Mac computer. So, if you have a switch or the entryway with the firewall on the internet connection, you need to allow far reaching attachments so as MagicJack can offer the ports from the switch. In case switch doesn’t help UPnP, you are required to forward 5060 and 5070 port for the UDP convention to the IP address of your Mac computer. For this, you need to set static IP address and enable UPnP.

Set Up Static IP address

  • Open the Apple menu and change the framework preference from here. Choose the option “System” under the Framework preference. Your IP address will be visible here.
  • Click the “propelled” tab and select the TCP/IP. Note down the switch address and then choose “Drop” option to exit the “Propelled” setup.
  • Add/subtract 52 from your Mac IP address. Make sure you have kept the address’s last number between 2 to 253. For example, if your current IP address is, subtract 52 from 100. You will get the number ‘48’. This number is in between 2 to 253. So, give this static address to the Mac.
  • Go to the section “Discoverer box” and choose the option “Alter location”. Locate “MagicJack” option here and click on it followed by “Okay”.
  • Choose the “Physically” option, this will allow to set up IP address. Give Mac IP address and then enter ‘255.255.2550 for the subnet veil. Arrange the switch address you have recorded before.
  • Present with switch deliver to the DNS server for the second time. Make the “Hunt Domains” clear and then click on “Apply” button.

Enable UPnP

  • Access the Safari program and separate your switch address into the hunt bar. Here, you need to sort the client name and secret word that you have entered. Click “Log in” button now to access its setting. Select the “Propelled setting” or “Firewall” or “port forwarding menu from here.
  • Review the UPnP setting and rectify the option if it is not empowered. Continue the following section until you find UPnP option. Once it is done, restart the device and test the MagicJack whether the issue is fixed or not.

Transfer Ports

  • Spot the “Port forwarding” option in this section and try to forward at least two ports. Forward the primary port to the cluster by sorting the Mac IP address and sort it again to forward the last port. Choose the “UDP” option for the convention.
  • Repeat the process once more for both the ports to forward it in the range. Click “Ok” to apply the changes and restart the switch. Test your MagicJack device now.

Apply the steps properly described above. If your firewall security is still hindering your device from working properly, the best solution to fix the issue is taking assistance from the experts.

Contact MagicJack Technical Support and Keep You Device Away From Any Glitches

No technology is fully perfect, neither is MagicJack. Many times you come across various issues with this and wait weeks to get this fixed even after paying a heavy amount. At Gadget Care Service, these are no more an issue. You can contact the experts at the same moment when you come across the issues and get your issues fixed in no time. For this, all you need to do is give a call to the experts at MagicJack Technical Helpline Toll-Free Number USA +1-888-404-2434. The professionals working at this platform always willing to provide you with excellent support service in the time of need.

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