What If MagicJack Caller Id Is Not Working?


Caller id is what helps you to have a rough idea about caller if the number is not known. Technically, it shows caller’s information before the call is answered. With technical evolution, this feature is now accessible to almost every phone including VOIP based phone product “MagicJack”. Though this feature is inbuilt with MagicJack and works as usual as other phones, it dysfunctions sometimes owing to various causes. In those cases, either its incoming or outgoing caller id doesn’t function well. MagicJack Technical Support understands that the most possible cause for this issue is alteration in its settings or wrongly entered number. However, likelihoods of other cause such as software conflicts, port incompatibility, and installation errors also can’t be eliminated. So, to better fix this issue, let’s discuss its possible causes and the solutions.

  • If your application is functioning properly and only having caller id issue, change the port in which you have plugged into your USB device. Check even if the issue is fixed. If not, proceed with the steps.
  • In such cases, MagicJack only is not a culprit, your home telephone phone or connected computer also might have a fault. Try using different telephone with MagicJack.
  • If the caller id feature is mistakenly turned off, turn it on again by going to the “Settings”. Search “Show my caller id” through the options and hit the box next to “On” option.
  • Check if your internet connection is active at the time of calling and receiving the calls. However, the device uses your pre-existing internet connection to place and receive calls, but in case of poor connection, the issue may arise.
  • In some cases, the caller id is turned off from caller side. That means they don’t allow others to see their phone number and other information. In they do so, you can’t see caller information.

 Not Done Yet? Get It Resolved by Expert Easily

If you are unable to resolve the issue even though following the steps, the causes could be something else and that can be better understood by the experts. No worries about the complexities and types of the issues; take your phone and feel free to give a call at MagicJack Help Desk+1-888-404-2434. The team of specialized professionals is tirelessly working in 24*7 environments to provide you with efficient customer services in the time of need.            


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