Skype integration will enable real-time chatting right from your Outlook inbox

Gone are the days when we had been chatting on traditional platforms. As digitization has taken place, there have been a lot more options to bring a level of excitement among the tech maniacs. In today’s world, managing tasks, chatting, setting up events, everything has become a lot easier than before. Outlook has realized the fact that the users love to have real-time chatting enabled on the inbox. This will help in facilitating the workflow as well enhancing the productivity of the businesses. With an added list of all new features, Outlook is set to become a platform that will enable live chats from your inbox. Outlook has taken help from the Skype platform to solve this purpose. The task will be accomplished using Skype integration that will contain all the contacts in your inbox. With this added advantage, the users can start an instant message, video call or even participate in multiple chats all together. Instant messaging will ensure that you are able to share your issues quickly. Also, you will be able to get a quick response for the same. Video call feature will help in conveying the messages in a proper manner. There may be a scenario wherein you need to address multiple people. In that case, you can take help from the offering in the form of multiple chatting. Outlook has been working regularly and analyzed the real-time scenario well. Thus, it has brought in strategies than can help the individuals as well as the enterprises be more productive than before. It has all become pretty simple! What you need to do is select the person you want to talk and the conversation will automatically appear in the chat window.

With an improved category organization, you can organize your mailbox in a completely unique style. Also, you can assign a name and color to every category or even apply multiple categories to a single message. With Outlook, filtering messages has become a cakewalk. You can type the category name in the search bar or add your favorite category to the left of sidebar. Accessing the most important messages is just a click away.

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