Outlook has redefined the People experience with its new beta version

The mailing platforms help us in managing our contacts in a well-defined manner. There should be different headings and sub-headings under which we can categorize people. They can be in our corporate, social, academic or any other circle. Outlook brings to you an all new version i.e. beta version that is facilitating this need. This new offering in the form of beta version has revolutionized the way we use Outlook. With the addition of a profile card, it has become easier to create, view, and edit the contacts and contact lists. On the Outlook platform, the look and feel of the People view has been updated in order to match the new profile cards. These cards have also been introduced across Microsoft products. In apps where your contacts appear, you can see the new profile card by hovering over a person’s name or photo. For the ones who want to have extra information about their contacts, it has become pretty easy to add or edit birthdays and personal notes. Thus, Outlook has ensured that you never miss out on any family events and can plan parties for occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays etc.

Furthermore, you can enhance the look of your contacts by assigning a photo to the contact. This can be done by making use of the new photo control. This will help you in adding a personal touch to your contacts. Talking about sending emails or starting a chat, it can be done directly from the People view feature. Moreover, you can find the important attachments and recent conversations from a specific contact. You can easily check the photos that have been mailed to you with the new feature. For the contacts that matter and are labeled as important, you can mark them as favorites. This will enable a faster access from the Favorites folder. Along with it, the contacts that have been added as favorites in People will appear under favorites in Mail and vice-versa. To be true, outlook has been working to establish a perfect sync among all your contacts. Also, by categorizing your contacts, you can have a faster and a better access to all.

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