New additions in the form of Mail, Calendar, and People on to fascinate all the users.

We are all accustomed to using Outlook as a key mailing platform. It has been facilitating the businesses as well as individuals. In the recent past we had witnessed the launch of beta that was a smart solution. Nowadays, it has become quite usual to see an updated version of various platforms. Putting light on this fact, beta version has come into existence. The users today want customized options for their mailing platforms. Talking about beta version, it provided users the capability of a personalized inbox. This provides flexibility in customizing the inbox as per our interests. People all around the world were delighted and gave their feedback. To wrap up the first phase of the launch, users will get access to an all new Mail experience. Along with this, there have been enhancements in the beta experiences in key sections such as Calendar and People.

Let us introduce you to the beta offerings that are coming up:

1. Mail:

Enjoy a whole new mailing experience with the beta version. The notion we get is that the new Mail experience will be common for all users which means they need not toggle in. Talking about performance, it will be far speedier with an improved Skype integration thus giving a better experience when it comes down to video calls. The beta version also helps in managing various add-ins. Along with it, there are new ways for accessing add-ins such as Boomerang, Evernote and Paypal. Also, categorizing, filtering and organizing mails have become a cakewalk.

2. People:

Configure your contacts as you like as the People’s section of has undergone a new look as part of the improved beta experience. In order to carry our quick messaging you can manage the on-screen contacts in a much better way. Also, you will get a quick access to favorite people and easy viewing. Moreover, create corporate groups and facilitate chatting. For managing your contacts, it has become pretty easy to edit and create contacts.

3. Calendar:

Everyone wants to have a track of various events and scheduled meetings. Wouldn’t it be great if you are able to manage events accordingly? helps the users make use of the new beta experience in the Calendar section too. Listing the features, it has a more responsive interface and easy capability of adding an event in few clicks. Moreover, the icons enable faster identification of events. With Outlook beta, you won’t miss out on anything.

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