MagicJack Customer Service: A Leading Technical Support Service in USA and Canada

We have been providing the technical support service for decades and affable popular among the users of this fabulous device. We have thousands of customers across USA and Canada which are satisfied with the services provided by our specialized experts. The user can find the solution of every issue and technical glitches which came across while using the services offered by the MagicJack. With the use of this device, the user is able to make and receive free calls across different states. The user has to buy a subscription fee of the nominal amount from the company. The amount of this subscription fee may vary from one state to another.

The essential components which are required to connect with the device so that the user can start availing the calling service are discussed below:

  • A working internet connection
  • Telephone
  • MagicJack device
  • A computer system which meets device requirement

Along with these necessary pieces of equipment, some accessories are also used like connection cable, modem, and etc. This service can replace the traditional telephone service which has been in use for years. The user base of this service is increasing day-by-day that’s why it is expanding in other countries to gain more users and provide various other features.

It has many amazing features provided to the users. They are easy to use for every type of user whether he is a beginner or experienced. Some features of this astonishing device are discussed below:

  • Cost-effective
  • Portable and handy
  • Easy to use
  • iOS and Windows compatible
  • Choice to use the existing telephone number
  • Uses low bandwidth

Experts are Available 24*7 to Provide Assistance

We have a team of experts working 24*7 to provide the technical assistance to the user in the time of need. These experts have years of experience in providing technical assistance in their relative field. We have a different kind of experts are available to deal with different kind of issues like Network Engineers, Software Engineers, Troubleshooting Engineers, and so on. These specialized professionals have immense knowledge in resolving the issue as soonest. They are also good in making customer relationship which let them provide a user-friendly and handy solution. Before providing the services to users, the experts have gone through a training in which they were learned to provide the technical assistance properly.

Experts are always eager to provide the support in the time of need. In case of issue, you can contact at MagicJack Customer Care Service Number +1-888-404-2434. They will make sure to provide you with the appropriate and working solution so that you can resume to your work as soon as possible.

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