Is Your Microsoft Outlook Account Not Responding? Fix It Now!

It happens out of the blue, often at times when you are sending an important email or uploading and downloading attachments. Other than this, this problem may occur when you open and close your account, switch one folder to another and so forth. Outlook Customer Support states that there could be a number of reasons that may cause Outlook not to respond or freeze. Fortunately, fixing this issue doesn’t require much knowledge except in some cases, you can do this with just a few steps. But before this, let’s have a look at some of the reasons that cause it to occur.

A third party program running simultaneously with your Microsoft Outlook can cause outlook to freeze. This can be your antivirus program, a previously installed add-in, IMAP exchange account, an oversized PST files, outlook registry entry, and a virus and malware infection. There is a conflict between the applications that result in a temporary cessation in the running software. Now you have become familiar with the possible causes, let’s move on to resolve it.

End processes from task manager

Click on start menu and search for “Task manager” or simply press Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys together. Hit the “Process” tab once the task manager window opens. Select all those processes which are similar to Outlook.exe and then click “End process”. Restart your computer now. Check whether Outlook is working or not, once the computer reboots.

Close any third party applications

Close all the programs that are running unnecessarily on your computer to avoid conflicts between them. Since some programs like your antivirus software, anti-spyware or firewall are designed to protect your privacy and data from unauthorized access, they can configure stringent security and privacy setting that can prevent your account from sending or receiving emails or functioning properly.

To prevent these kinds of issues, you can reconfigure your security application setting. Add Outlook and add-ins in the trusted zone in your security application. Furthermore, if you have just installed any application and Outlook stopped responding thereafter, disable it. If Outlook is still not responding, uninstall the add-in and install other software similar to this.

Repair the damage registry entries

If Microsoft Outlook doesn’t respond to your click, the registry entries might have gone corrupt. In this case, you need to repair registry files. This is the sensitive process, doing manually and wrong changes in the registry can permanently crash your computer. To avoid this situation, download the registry repair program from trusted websites and install it on your computer. Don’t forget to create a system restore point before running the registry repair program. It will help you to restore the computer to its previous state if something goes wrong.

Archive your mailbox items regularly

Microsoft Outlook is designed to archive emails or other items automatically. Archiving decreases the size of your inbox and allows your account to work properly. However, archiving is a resource-hog process, so Outlook can stop responding owing to the larger files, pending tasks like emails, and other programs that are running simultaneously. To avoid this issue, don’t start new tasks before starting archiving. Furthermore, delete all the unnecessary files or attachments. For the oversize files, divide it into multiple small .pst files. To avoid data loss due to the virus and other problems, try to back up your .pst files daily.

Save time and effort by seeking expert assistance

This task can be complex and risky, especially if you are a new user with no prior knowledge of registry files. Getting an expert assistance is always the best solution. Don’t be hesitant in giving a call at Outlook Technical Support Number USA +1-888-404-2434. Gadget Care offers services that guarantee hassle-free, high quality, and promising results.

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