How to Use Multiple Phone Lines with One MagicJack?

Many advantages over the traditional phones and low service charges make MagicJack the primary choice of the people. As per report, two millions subscribers are residing across the USA and Canada and frequently using its services. Also, it is frequently used as a secondary phone lines and an alternative if a person wants keep their old phone number active. The device set up and its uses is also very simple, after installation, it works as same as your home phone service does. As it uses internet connection, you also don’t need to worry about heavy bandwidth for which you have to pay a hefty amount. Just make a connection with your computer and phone and start making the calls.

MagicJack offers many user-friendly features, explicitly said, not less than a regular home phone service provides. This includes voicemail, conference calls, videos calls, phone call to any number across the world, and so on. More and more, if you wish to use more than two phones with a single MagicJack, this is pretty much possible. However, it can be a little complex if you are not much a technical person or not aware of proper steps. In this case, MagicJack Customer Support USA does suggest you to take help from the experts. But if you can do it by yourself, go on with these steps described below.

Aside from other options, you can also purchase a wireless phone that has one base station and multiple handsets, and just connect your MagicJack to its base station. But if you want other solutions, you can use your existing house wiring in order to connect MagicJack to all those phones lines. It’s not hard to do this, let’s see how?

  • Let’s assume, you have two phone jacks at the upstairs and two are at downstairs, each of these jacks are connected independently to small grey box at the outside of your house and you don’t need the connection from your telephone company.
  • Open de-mark (A hub where all connections are made). On the left inside the box, you can see three jacks which are the lines connected from your phone company. You can also see the set of terminals beside each of the lines.
  • Terminals are placed where the wiring of your house begins. Disconnect the jacks by taking the plug out. The next step is attaching MagicJack to one of the jack where the connection starts for your home. Doing so, all your handsets will have dialer tone and if you plug any of them to the standard telephone, you will be able to place or receive the calls.

Still Confuse? Call MagicJack Customer Help Desk Right Now!

As discussed above, this is a little complex work to do as a minor mistake can give rise to other issues. Considering this fact, it would be prudent to get this task done under the observation of experts. You can make use of MagicJack Customer Support Service +1-888-404-2434 to approach the experts. It is 24*7 service, so you can call them anytime you want and take help from them. Feel Free to call now!

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