How to Use MagicJack without a Computer System?

MagicJack device work using a VOIP technology which enables the free calling service across USA and Canada using an internet connection. It is widely used device by the users to lower the calling charges. Using this device, one can save lots of money as compared to traditional calling service. There are two versions of this device available in the market which are classified into type of connectivity. The standard device can only be connected with a computer or a laptop. There is no other way to use this device except with the computer system. But, the MagicJack Plus is capable to work without a computer system. It can work by directly connecting with an electric socket using a power adapter. If you have purchased an upgraded version of this device, you might be looking for a procedure to set up. If so, your search ends here. In this article, MagicJack Customer Care is going to provide the procedure to use the device without a computer system. The procedure to do so is discussed below;

  • Unbox the device and check for any broken or missing add-ons in the box. This box comes with a USB shaped device, connecting cable, power adapter, user manual, and warranty card.
  • You must have a cabled internet connection to connect this device to the web.
  • Plug the provided Ethernet Cable in the port on back side of device where Internet is labeled. Plug the cable and set the lock.
  • Plug the phone into the port labeled as Phone on the back side of MagicJack. Make sure that your dialer is working fine.
  • Now, connect the MagicJack with the power adapter provided in the box.
  • Plug the USB device with the power outlet.
  • Till now, you have completed the procedure to set up the device from your It’s time to register the device so that calling services can be activated.
  • Open the preferred web browser in your computer and open the official website of MagicJacke You can open the same in phone or tablet whichever suits you better.
  • Click on the Register button to register the device and follow the on-screen steps to complete the task.
  • You have a choice to select the existing number and switch to a new number.
  • After registration process, make a test call to check the working of device and its setup.

Unable to use MagicJack without Computer? Call the Experts Now

If you are using the device for the first time, you might encounter any kind of difficulty during the whole process. In such case, you must contact the experts at MagicJack Technical Support Number +1-888-404-2434 and the experts of our team will resolve your issue in seconds. Our experts will provide the assistance to the users with utmost eagerness and enthusiasms.

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