How to Use MagicJack Plus without a PC?

Are you tired of sticking to your computer to use your MagicJack device? If yes, ‘MagicJack plus’ is a solution to overcome your frustration. It is an updated device that eliminates the need of connecting a dedicated computer to your device. However, it has still various complications and limitations that need MagicJack Technical Support to get rectified. Aside from that, there may be many certain or uncertain issues that are appeared during its operation. The experts help in all such circumstances. But for now, they are going to help you with comprehensive steps for using MagicJack plus without a computer.

  • Unfold the box if you are using it first time, it contains MagicJack plus (USB like device), power adapter, Ethernet cable, USB extension cord, and manual card.
  • Plus device has two connecting port labeled as internet and phone. Plug Ethernet cable into the port labeled as internet. Push Ethernet cable gently into the port until you hear the click.
  • Plug other end of the Ethernet cable into your modem or router. Choose one of its ports if there are multiple. Now, plug in telephone cable into the port labeled “Telephone”.
  • Now plug your power adapter into your MagicJack plus and then plug it into electric outlet from its other end. Alternatively, you can use an optional USB cord.
  • Before use, you need to register this device. To do this, just plug MagicJack into USB port of your computer. Its preloaded software launches soon. Follow the prompts henceforth.
  • You will have also the instructions visible on the screen to use this device. Read the instructions; pick up your phone and start saving your phone bills from today.

Contact Professional for Instant Help

Experiencing more issues with this device? No worries, MagicJack Customer Support are 24*7 active to help you in case of any inconvenience with this device. All you need to do is give a call at MagicJack Help Desk +1-888-404-2434. The experts will take no time to respond to you and fix your issues. However, you might have still speculation how does exactly the experts work to provide the solutions. So, let’s make it clear. As soon as you call the experts, they politely ask about your issue. Once fully understand that, they start giving you comprehensive step wise solution.  Meanwhile they also take your confirmation that you are following the instruction properly. If you somehow feel difficulty to follow the expert’s instruction, they use many efficient remote applications (they can be so-called cutting-edge technology) in which there is 99.99% guarantee to resolve any sorts of issues related to MagicJack.     

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