How to Set up Voicemail Password and Record a Greeting on MagicJack?

Isn’t it good to send the message in your own voice rather than typing it in letters and symbols? No doubt, that makes more impression and clarifies that it’s you who conveying this message. Likewise many phone services, the voicemail feature also comes with MagicJack phone system for free. This is however pre-configured in the system; but you can also dial into the system to changes its password and record a greeting. MagicJack Technical Support states that this can be done with virtual software phone installed onto your PC. So, if you are wishful to accomplish this task easily, go on with the steps described below.

• If you are using virtual software installed on your computer, click ok “Vmail button to dial your telephone number from MagicJack number. Do the same for your MagicJack phone to dial the number.

• Press “Star” key once the virtual answering machine answer your call. Click on “Star” button on your Vmail software phone.

• Listen the message carefully; it prompts to enter voicemail pass code. Enter the number “1234”, this will be your default pass code.

• As soon as you do that, push “0” button. Doing so, you will be allowed to change the password. After that, follow the system prompts to record a greeting message.

• Record the message in your own voice and select “Ok” once you are done with the task. You will receive prompt message of successfully changed your voicemail password.

Get Expert Help If Any Issue

The process is pretty easy and simple, but might annoy you in case of additional glitches. In this case, calling the experts and getting help from them is a brilliant idea. Feel free to call at MagicJack Customer Support Phone Number +1-888-404-2434. The proficient professionals are 24*7 active at this platform to assist you with quick resolution. They are specialized in different field thereby able to tackle all sorts of issues appeared with this product. Here, it is full assurance to resolve your issues in no time and without any hassle.

Expert’s Unique Way of Resolution

The professional’s ultimate aim is to resolve the glitches in shortest span of time and to achieve this aim, they have adopted the quickest and easiest form of resolution and that can certainly be a toll-free number as nothing could be faster than a phone call if it comes to direct interaction with a person. As soon as you call them, they comprehend your issues and soon start guiding you with the stepwise solution. Furthermore, they make use of many remote desktop applications by which it is easy to detect the most complex issue hidden in your system and resolve it in a jiffy.

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