How to Recover Microsoft Outlook After a Crash?

Outlook is an efficient communication program developed by software giant Microsoft. It is actively being used by the millions around the world to manage their email accounts from a single platform. The users can read, create, categorize, archive, and store emails using this piece of software. Basically, it is an email management client application but it also allows the users to create the calendar entries, maintain journals, and jot down tasks for a particular purpose and so on.

Coming to its latter part we find that there are some complications in its usages that may come up as a severe consequence if those are not properly taken care of. This includes Outlook crash, PST and OST files corruption. Although this happens rarely but this can give you a headache if you don’t know the recovery ways. Here, Outlook Customer Support Service USA presents some valuable tips that you might want to consider to fix the software crash when it occurs.

Before you go further, the experts want you to know about the sign and symptoms of the DBX data corruption, Outlook PST file repair and OST repair so as the problems can be easily identified and sorted out.

Sign And Symptom of DBX File Corruption

The sign of DBX file corruption can be easily detected, you just need to notice the few things in this application. The first thing is noticing the software performance. If you experience a slow loading of the application on a regular basis or the messages are getting longer to get delivered and received, this can be sign of DBX file corruption. However, there is a one thing that might relieve you is this sign reflects that the damages is not severe. But if you get the messages like “Msimn caused an exception C0000006h”, “Message not sent”, and not enough disk space, probably there is a extensive loss of Outlook files and your computer system.

Possible Causes for Outlook Corruption

Although there can be various causes for this issue, most probably this could happen because of the antivirus application installed on your system. Most of the time this issue occur due to wrongly and inadequately configured antivirus application. In such cases, your antivirus application can wrongly identify incoming and outgoing emails with attachments and raise this sorts of issues. However, the virus and malware infection can also be the causes of this issue.

Now you have acquainted with the possible signs and causes of Outlook crash. Let’s proceed with Outlook PST and OST file repairing.

Outlook PST is a personal folder file (.pst) or can be said an offline file folder (.ost) if you are using Outlook data on your PC. There are tools available on the internet to repair the corrupted files. If the PST file has been corrupted, you can use a “Inbox Repair Tool” for rectifying the issues. It doesn’t need to make a backup for the files. This tool is to be installed at the time of Outlook installation.

If OST file has been damaged, you can use the tool “OST Integrity tool”. This will work for both scanning and repairing the corrupted OST files. If the issue still does fix even though applying the methods described above, you need to turn off the .Ost file and choose the option to create a new .ost file.

What to Do If All the Steps Described Above Fail

Generally, the process of recovering the application after a crash is complex and needs a good technical mind to fix this issue with perfection. For this, nothing can be better than Microsoft Outlook Technical Support. The experts at this platform guarantee to fix the issues in no time and without any hassle. They are working in 24/7 environment to assist you with instant support services. Feel free to call Outlook Technical Support Number +1-888-404-2434. You are just a step away from getting your issues fixed by proficient professionals.

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