How to Recover a Forgotten or Lost Password in Outlook?

Security needs a strong password, but in order to hold it for longer, the human brain is often entrapped in its own intrinsic nature ‘remembrance deprivation’. Nonetheless, it is supreme of everything. It has made the ways of recovery. Yup! Outlook does provide the ways of recovering account password if you forget or lose due to accidental deletion or corruption of .pst files. The recovery method described by Outlook Technical Support is reliable and simple enough to perform, but executing the task also depends on how precisely you follow the steps and implement the instructions.

Outlook comes with inbuilt application of data recovery through .pst files that store your entire data including emails, account settings, deleted items, drafts, contacts, calendar, and other entries. Aside from this, there is also an individual .pst files for each folder including password protector .pst file. Using this, you will be able to recover your account password. Let’s find out how.

Recovering Deleted Emails

  • Hit the start menu at the left-bottom of your PC and locate .pst files by moving into control panel and clicking on mail option. If you can’t see this option, you need to switch classic view.
  • Click on data file button followed by file path (it would be like mail box- Emily smith) and then hit “Open folder”. Locate your .pst file in the list of options and double-click to open it. Close the window when done. Doing so will let you to recover your lost emails

Password Recovery Using Password Protector .pst File

If you have password protector, use this trick to release the password.

  • Hit the start button again and go to run. Or simply press and hold window button and press R to open the run window.
  • Type “pst19upg.exe-I filename.psx” same as it is written without any quotes. Hit “Enter”. This will release password of protected files and makes you able to use Outlook information.

When Outlook Is Not Accepting Your Password

Disabling unnecessary adds-in can be worthy in some cases. So, try this tweak, it might work.

  • Click on the file tab in Outlook application and choose “Options”. Hit “Trust center” and choose “Add-ins next to the manage list.
  • Click “Go” button. Remove the check marks from boxes which you want to disable when the COM Adds-in window opens. Click “Ok” and close the window.

Start Outlook in Safe Mode

  • Hit start menu and open the Run window again. Type “outlook.exe/safe” in the command box and press enter on your keyboard.
  • Doing so will start the application without any third party services such as your security software, firewall, adds-in and so on.

Contact Outlook Customer Support If You are Unable to Recover Your Password

If you are still unable to accomplish this task even though followed these described steps properly, you don’t have option but taking expert help. Feel free to call at Outlook Customer Help Desk Number +1-888-404-2434. Your every query and issue regarding this application will be resolved by professionals in no time.

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