How to Port a Telephone Number to MagicJack?

Thanks to the mobile number portability. Now you can port your number to any other phone. More and more, you will be glad to know that this awesome feature is also available to your MagicJack phone. This can give you more advantages if you want to use MagicJack as a secondary phone line or don’t want to change your old telephone number. Also, it doesn’t let you miss any call whether you are out of home or your device is inoperable anyhow. Though the process is very simple and need only a few steps, it may have a little complexity if not followed the process properly. So, MagicJack Technical Support is going to guide you through stepwise instructions so as you can do this task easily. Now let’s get started.

  • Open your PC and visit the website “my”. Enter your login information in the login page, and hit “login” option.
  • Take your cursor at the top of the page and click “Phone Number” tab. You may have a blank screen or having all history if you have done some activities before.
  • Click on “Transfer My Number” visible as a blue button. The devices you are registered for are shown in the list.
  • Choose the one which you want to port. Once you select the device, “Next” option will be visible. Click “Next”.
  • There is one time charge of 10 $ to change the number. So make your choice, and if you want to proceed, choose the option “I understand and would like to change”
  • Once you do that, billing page will open. At the left of the page select the option “I want to transfer my current phone number to MagicJack”. Enter your number and verify by re-entering it and hit the button “Check availability”.
  • Once you are done with the billing, message will display stating that “You are able to transfer your number now”. Click “Transfer” at the right-bottom of the page.
  • Here, you can read the instructions stating some important things regarding the service. Click “I agree” and then “Submit”. Follow on-screen instruction after that. A few steps later, you would have finished the task.

Get the Expert Assistance and Execute This Task without Any Hassle   

If you are still unable to accomplish this task even though following the steps described above, it would be prudent to take expert help. Feel free to call at MagicJack Customer Care Phone Number +1-833-671-1777. The experts are 24*7 active to provide you an instant support. They will take no time to resolve your every issue related to MagicJack and its services.

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