How to Port a Telephone Number to MagicJack?

Many users use MagicJack as an alternative for their old telephone number. They want to keep revive the number that they have been using for long. Other than this, there are various reasons for which you would like to port your telephone number as turning your phone service off for longer can cause to lose your number for ever. Instead, it would be prudent to transfer your number to this VOIP product. This is an easy process but can give you a headache if you are not aware of the proper steps. To help you out, MagicJack Technical Support put together a comprehensive guide that you need to successfully execute this task.

  • Open your computer and visit Enter your email address and password for the account you set up earlier in the login page and hit sign in button.
  • You can see various tabs such as shop, phone, internationals, and so on. Click on Phone number tab followed by “Transfer” from the drop down menu. The next page may be blank for you or you can see the history if done some activities before.
  • Click “Transfer my number” tab visible with blue appearance. Here, you need to select MagicJack subscription under “Add a new number”. You will have the option like plus, MagicJack apple, and simply MagicJack. This section indicates that in which device you want to port.
  • Hit “Next” once you select your device. To use this service, you need to pay one time charge of $10. If you agree, click on “I understand and would like to change”. Also, choose I elect to accept the outgoing service at the left-bottom of the page.
  • In the next page, enter the number you want to port, confirm by re-entering it, and hit check availability button. Before that, also make sure you have selected I want to change my current phone number at right side of the page.
  • Once done, a message of successfully change will be visible at the top of the screen. Take your cursor at the bottom right of the page and hit “Transfer”.
  • Read the terms in the newly opened window, make a check mark in box “I agree” and then click on “Submit”. Make sure the phone on which you are going to port is active; if not; it is not going to work anyhow.

Though the steps are described pretty well and by following these you will have an idea how to execute this task. But on the contrary, most of terms that are pretty much necessary for you to aware of are still not mentioned as it is rather hard to cover everything in a single article. However, the experts are 24*7 active to help you in the time of need. So, don’t be hesitant to call at toll-free MagicJack Customer Care Phone Number +1-833-671-1777. You will be helped by every possible manner, no matter at what time and for what sorts of issues you are calling the experts. Feel free to call!

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