How to Make Conference Calls With MagicJack?

Using MagicJack, you are not just bound to make or receive calls, you can even explore more with this amazing device. Making conference calls is one of its fascinating features that allows the users to connect to their loved ones for free. MagicJack is a small USB device that plugs into any computer connected to the internet and enables calling features. That means you are free to place the conference calls from your home, hotels, and anywhere using your personal computer with an internet connection.

Although the process of setting up conference calls is simple and needs only a few steps, you might face various difficulties while performing the process. However, you can accomplish this task easily by following the steps described by MagicJack Technical Support USA and eventually calling the experts in case of any issues.

  • First of all, you need to call automated MagicJack number (305-848-8888). Doing so, you will receive a code that is necessary to make a conference call.
  • Listen to the options carefully and select “Register a New Conference Room” when the message prompt. Once you choose this option, the system prompts to select three digit number. Enter any three-digit number you want.
  • The system will check the availability of your chosen number. If it finds the number you have chosen is not available, it’ll prompt to choose the number again. Choose the number again when it happens so.
  • You will receive 10 digit code shortly. This will allow any caller to access the conference call. Give this code to all the callers who want to attend the calls.
  • The 10 digit code comprises three digit pin you have entered and the last seven digits of your phone number. Also, you don’t need to enter call timing into your system, you can place the calls whenever it is convenient for you and others callers.
  • Once other callers dial the number (305-848-8888), they will have the option to join the calls any time by entering the code you have given to them. They can join either at the beginning or in the middle of the calls.

Still Unable to Do This Task? Call the Experts Now!

There is no wonder if you come across various issues while performing this task. But still no worries, you can get expert assistance instantly, just in a call. Feel free to give us a call by making use of the MagicJack Customer Support Service Number +1-888-404-2434. Our team of troubleshooting specialists who have in-depth knowledge of VOIP devices is 24/7 available to render you excellent support services in the time of need.

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