How to Identify and Change MagicJack Proxy to Fix Call Quality Issues?

MagicJack is becoming the primary choice for the one who wants a cheap telephone service. This is great to use, but can present challenges before the users while its usages. The experts at MagicJack Technical Support have been working on several tricks to fix the pops and cracks in the calls and optimize overall device performance, but identifying and changing the MagicJack proxy is best solution they ever have found. However, the steps described by experts are pretty technical, so please be careful while performing the task.

Before go further to change the proxy, you first need to identify the proxy server that you are using. MagicJack uses the proxy and vms server to complete the calls.

Identify the Proxy

  • Open your browser and go to the ntsecurity toolbox and download the application “pmdump”. This application allows you to dump the memory for a particular process, and this is the way to get the proxy server.
  • Launch the MagicJack application now and identify the MagicJack Process ID (PID). Press “Start” > “run” > “cmd” together to open the command prompt. Execute pmdump- list.
  • Find the program “magicjack.exe” in the output and note down the number associated with this. Call on your phone number through this VOIP device. Execute pmdump (pid) magicjack.txt using the command prompt and PID.
  • Use a text editor to open magicjack.txt and then search for the string s=ensresip. For example. if you connect the alternate proxy, you can see o=390440284 IN IP4, S=ENSResip, and C= IN IP4 Note down the IP address for both the proxy and vms server.

Change the Proxy

  • The window installed on your computer has a built-in function for establishing the “Routes” for the server. So, your next move will be making MagicJack think that the server of your area is down so that it’ll switch to the next available server.
  • Using the “Route” command, you can set the proxy and vms server of your area to a non-existent IP address on your local network. To do this, enter the following commands form the command prompts.
    route add (ip of proxy) mask 255.255.255
    route add (ip of vms) mask
  • Doing so, the command will tell your computer that the VOIP device’s proxy server is actually, that is a bad address. So, MagicJack will try the next available address that will be hopefully less busy than the previous server.
  • The p-option tells your PC to keep the route persistent or also remember this after restart. If you want to use a specific server, repeat the process described above. Basically, you will be blocking all the servers besides the one you want to use while in process.

MagicJack Support USA Provides You More Tips and Tricks to Optimize the Device Performance

This process can be complicated if you are not much a technical person. Also, in case of wrongly chosen steps, it may raise other serious issues. So, it is better to accomplish this task under the observation of professionals. Feel free to call at MagicJack Customer Service Phone Number +1-888-404-2434. A proficient team of experts are working in 24/7 environment to provide you with instant services. Once you call them, they will ask about your issues and fix them in no time. Also, they provide you the valuable tips that will be quite helpful in order to use this device to the full of its ability.

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