How to Fix Virus Infection In Yahoo Mail?

Virus infection is a major concern nowadays. With the advancement of technology, the new form of digital attackers like viruses worms, Trojans, rootkits, and spyware are coming up and harming your computer system. The Webmail services like Yahoo mail is also not beyond of this. You can get a number of emails that contain the malicious files and viruses. Once you click on them, the virus infects your inbox and your system. However,  Yahoo mail has virus scanning feature that scans each incoming email containing file before it touches your PC and causes significant damages.

Although the scanning feature is turned on automatically and scan for any virus infection, reviewing the setting and turning on this feature manually is also a good idea.
If you want a better protection of email account, Yahoo Mail Technical Support suggest you use an additional internet security suite. That will scan you every activity you do over the internet and stop virus infection if they try to infiltrate your inbox or system.

  • Launch your browser and navigate to the Yahoo mail login page. Enter your login id and password and hit the sign in option. The inbox page will open.
  • Go to the messages which you suspect containing viruses. Find the attachments once you open the email. The attachment’s file will be in the header section above the body of the email.
  • You can easily identify the attachments as it’ll appear as blue, active hyperlink, or the name given by the sender. Locate the link labeled “Scan and Download the attachment” and click on it. This will automatically start virus scanning and cleaning.
  • If this link is not visible, you can click directly on attachment’s name. A message “Scanning attachment for virus” prompts immediately once you open the attachment. This alerts will appear for a few seconds.
  • However, you might not need to review it. It’ll scan the attachments and show the result automatically. If there is no virus detected, you will be shown the sign to go ahead and download the files.


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