How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Freezing Issue?

Do you experience freezing issue with Microsoft Outlook while sending or receiving emails, reading mails, creating a new mail account, switching between the folders or email profiles, or synchronizing among other things? If it is so, it has nothing to wonder as freezing is a common problem found in Outlook owing to various reasons. So, here Outlook Customer Support Service presents a comprehensive guide that will help you easily fix this problem. Follow the steps consecutively and check if the issue is fixed.

  • Determine when does freezing issue start with the application. Has it started after making some change such as a toolbar or add-in installation or it has started occurring after you configured your firewall and antivirus application for email scanning? If that is so, undo any changes. It might fix the issue.
  • If you don’t need to use “RSS Feeds” then disable it. To do so, hit the “Tool” tab and access “Account setting” from the drop-down menu. Select “RSS feeds” tab and then click on “Remove button”. Click “Ok” to confirm the removal. If you don’t want to remove it completely, just click on “Change button” in the same window followed by “Customize” option. Doing so, it will prevent the Outlook from using its resources to synchronize all the undesired RSS feeds and thus freezing itself.
  • Launch antivirus program installed on your computer and perform a full system scan. Wait until it finishes. Select the file and folder that is detected as a malicious file in the scanning result and delete all of them. To eliminate the least possible chances of virus threats, you can also use an online virus scan.
  • Turn off the antivirus email scanning feature. Some antivirus applications have this tool that prevents some of the emails from opening in the misconception of the malicious file. Since the process takes a long time and uses system resources, it might make your application slow.
  • An Outlook application may also freeze up due to the clogged registry, undesired installed applications, and saved files. These all use system resources and make other applications slow. To remove all these files, download and install a free registry cleaner to clean up the unused registry files and undesired programs..
  • So many emails available in your inbox can freeze the application. So, delete all the unused emails, folders, and files. Aside from this, download and install all the Windows updates to ensure that the Outlook receives the regular updates that are necessary for its better functionality and performance.
  • If all these tips failed to resolve the problem, uninstall and reinstall the program. However, before going through the process, make sure you have completely uninstalled the previous version of Outlook. Also, run the registry cleaner application to remove all the registry files and empty keys completely from the system.

To Avoid Any Hassle, Call the Experts For Help

Although these steps are quite helpful to accomplish this task, you might come across multiple issues as these steps can vary according to the different version of Outlook. Also, the occurrence of unexpected errors while the process can’t be put aside. The experts can better help you in all such circumstances. Feel free to reach us at the Outlook Customer Helpline Number USA +1-888-404-2434. The experts are 24/7 active to provide you with efficient support services.

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