How to Fix Amazon Prime Instant Video Errors?

Amazon Prime is a superb service for streaming videos online. Thousands of movies including all the latest and old blockbusters, exclusive TV shows, and videos on demand are available at this platform. You can watch, download, and keep them in your favorite list to view them later. Truly, it is a pleasant experience of having all the stuff you wish for only at being a Prime member. But keeping it continue is a little difficult as you might experience various technical hurdles with Prime instant videos at any point of time.

Amazon Prime Technical Support USA states that in most of the cases streaming errors occur with the device you use to access the videos, but sometimes it can also appear from the Amazon side. So, if you are trying to resolve this issue, basic troubleshooting steps can be worthy of applying if the problem is not complex enough to fix.

  • In case Amazon goes down, check the “Down Detector” to see if it is really down or there is another problem. Also, see the other user’s remarks in the comment section. If they have mentioned having the same problems, wait until Amazon fixes it.
  • The poor internet connection can be another possibility of getting error messages while streaming the videos. In this case, run a speed test to see if your internet connection is fast enough to stream the high quality videos.
  • Your internet speed should be at least 1.5 Mbps to stream the SD contents and 3.5 Mbps to stream the HD videos. Call internet service provider if your internet connection is not fast enough to stream the contents.
  • You can also try some basic steps such as – Unplug the cable from the router and turn of both ‘streaming device and your router’. Plug the cable back after 50 to 60 second and turn the devices on again. Once the devices boot back, you can try streaming the videos.
  • Also, the users who are trying to stream the videos on the Smartphone should turn off their internet connection or switch to the airplane mode and turn it back on after a few seconds. Resetting the internet connection of your device may fix the issues
  • You should also pause other programs which are running together with Prime app. This includes the games, phone calls, downloading the videos and so on. If these don’t fix the issue, you need to check your overall internet connectivity.
  • Along with these steps, make sure you have an updated version of Prime app and if possible update the programs on your device required for the video streaming. If you are using Amazon Fire TV and other HDTV, you need to update the TV programs too.

If All Fails, Contact Amazon Prime Customer Support

If the issues still persist even though you have followed these described steps, there might be any complex problems that need an expert help to get resolved. Feel free to give us a call to the experts at Amazon Prime Customer Service Toll-Free Number +1-888-404-2434. The proficient professionals are dedicated to provide you with efficient support services whenever you need them. They will not only help with the instant videos but also assist you on all other Prime services such as availing of the best deals and discounts, free delivery, account errors, membership subscription errors, and so on.

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