How to Configure Outlook to Send E-mail Automatically?

It’s a good feature in Outlook that we can schedule an E-mail to send it at later date and time. This can make your communication easier with others to send a necessary document or message to someone at the right time. By using this feature, there is no need to memorize the exact time and date for E-mail which you are intended to send. Outlook not only provides this feature but also many useful features to deal with daily communication issues like task management, appointment scheduling, setting-up reminders, and so on. In this article, Outlook Customer Care is going to provide the few easy steps to deal with this issue. Meanwhile, configuring an E-mail to send it at later moment is an easy procedure and a beginner user can follow it easily. The procedure to resolve this issue is discussed next:

  • Open the preferred web browser in your computer system and open the “Outlook Log-in” webpage.
  • Enter the log-in details of your Outlook account and click on the “Sign-In” button. If you don’t have an account, create a new one using the “Sign-Up” button. It prompts you to follow a few steps to create an account which is easier to proceed.
  • Click on the Compose button to write a mail. The E-mail dialog box will be displayed.
  • You need to enter the recipient’s address and write the relevant message in the given text box.
  • Now, click on the “Options” menu icon from the top of this box. A new menu will be displayed under “Options” section.
  • Click on the “Delay Delivery” button from the “More” options section. Here, you need to select some options which play a vital role in this procedure.
  • Select the “Do not Deliver Before” checkbox form “Delivery Options” section. This checkbox will allow you to specify the date and time for scheduling the message.
  • Specify the date and time of later moment in the respective menu. The message will be sent to the user at this specified stipulated time.
  • After changing the settings, click on the “Close” button to save the recent changes.
  • When you would have completed writing the message which you want to convey, click on the “Send” button. Your message will be saved in “Outbox” folder and Outlook will send it automatically at the right time.
  • By any chance, if you don’t want to send the message, open the “Outbox” and delete the E-mail before time.

Unable to Follow Above Procedure? Call the Experts Now

There are certain chances that the beginner user of this Outlook platform is unable to follow-up the above-discussed procedure. If you are feeling the same, have no worries and contact the experts now at Outlook Customer Service Contact Number +1-888-404-2434. The experts working here will provide the solution for all your unresolved and unknown issue. They will fix the error by providing the proper guidance using stepwise manner. They make sure to fix the issue with dedication and adherence.

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