How Does MagicJack Work? A Straight-Forward Answer by MagicJack Technical Support & Service

You might have heard about MagicJack, a new VOIP based phone service that is hitting every nook and corner of the market because of its affordable cost and efficient service. You may nonetheless want to read its reviews and working principles if you don’t own this device and aspiring to have one. Since you are already at this platform, MagicJack Customer Support is going to explain everything that you want to know. So, let’s take a step ahead and go through this article.

MagicJack is a pretty standard phone product and a competitor to the services like Skype and Vonage. It needs a computer and your home telephone service to be connected with from both of its end as it is just like a USB device with connecting cords. It works by routing phone calls using the internet to a processing center. The processing center then routes calls to the recipients, irrespective of the type of receiving devices. This process requires a very fast internet connection. So, if you are doing any activity that are heavily internet intensive such as downloading and streaming online movies, it’ll be negative impact on device’s performance and calls quality. However, there are a number of solutions to reserve the internet speed for MagicJack only, but those are covered in other articles. Alternatively, you can connect to the experts at MagicJack Support & Service and get more number of solutions.

  • MagicJack comes with small USB dongle that can be plugged into any available port of the computer and has a standard RJ11 jack in its front. Some port of your computer may not be compatible with jack, thereby can give rise to the connection issues. But changing the port can fix the issue caused by incompatible ports.
  • Once you establish the connection and turn on device, your computer automatically starts loading MagicJack pre-installed software. Once done, you can make short and long distance calls. However, one potential downfall to the device is it needs your computer remains to be turned on to receive and made calls.
  • This issue can however be eliminated by updating your device to the MagicJack Plus. This eliminates the need of a computer and can be connected to a modem or a router directly. Also, if you have an old device that you prefer to continue with, the experts can better help you to use that efficiently.

Get Your Every Queries Resolved by Proficient Professionals

Hopefully, this article brings a little light to the question what is MagicJack and how does it exactly work. But you can get your queries more comprehensible by interacting with the experts and taking assistance from them. Feel free to call at MagicJack Help Desk +1-888-404-2434 in case of any queries and issues. The professionals are 24*7 active at this platform to help you have an improved experience with this piece of VOIP product.

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