Can’t Hear Voice on Your Phone? Fix It Easily With MagicJack Technical Support!

It’s a peculiar to get complete tranquility even though your call has been received and the time is running meanwhile. This instigates you to do nothing but hang up the call and dial the number again. Let’s precede it a little further and think about the scenario when you can’t hear the voice after dialing a number repeatedly. Nothing can be more annoying than this. But this usually happen with your MagicJack phone. MagicJack Technical Support perceives that there could be various causes that give rise to this issue, but performing basic resolution steps could be prudent before going through further resolution process.

  • Loosely connected cables could be one of the causes for no sound issue. So, make sure the device is properly connected to your Computer from its one end and a telephone to another end.
  • Launch MagicJack software on your PC and open its menu. Click on volume tag and check if volume is not muted. Click and hold the volume level on stick and drag it to increase or decrease the volume. Also, make sure the handset mode is selected.
  • Right-click on your volume icon and click on “Sound” to open the sound menu. Choose “Playback devices” from the pop-up menu. Right-click on handset icon in playback menu and choose “properties”.
  • Go under “Device usages” in drop down menu and check if “Enabled option” is selected. If not, click on the box next to this option and make it enable. Close the window and check even if your problem is resolved.

Contact MagicJack Customer Support and Get an Instant Help

There are many complexities when you go and perform a particular task, even this becomes more intricate if you are not much a technical person or have never done a task before. However, the experts at this platform are always dedicated to help you in the time of need. Feel free to give a call at MagicJack Technical Helpline Number +1-888-404-2434. They will take no time to respond to you and resolve your issues. Aiming at resolving the complexities in minimum turnaround time, they help you with step wise solution at first and eventually, use remote desktop application in case former doesn’t help somehow. Pleasantly speaking, this is a one stop destination for all your stumbling blocks. All you need to do is call at toll-free number and have relaxed henceforth; the rest will be done by the proficient professionals in a hassle-free manner.

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